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Who We Are

Cordis Financial has grown and changed since our founding in 1983 while always remaining focused on serving clients. With a specialized approach to financial planning and working with clients as a team, the identity of Cordis Financial was launched in 2015 as a representation of how we serve our clients. Our tagline is Planning with Purpose. This is built on the belief that financial planning should be a process of aligning one’s financial decisions with their most important values.

At Cordis Financial we not only embrace this concept in our work with clients, but also in the development of the firm; ensuring that business decisions flow from our core values. In June of 2018, Cordis Financial began operating as a Fee-Only, independent Registered Investment Advisory firm. This business model change was another opportunity to more closely align the firm with our core values and support the desire to provide clients with the best possible experience.

As an independent firm we are positioned to operate with the freedom to help our clients pursue their goals.  We have the flexibility to implement new tools into our practice and partner with organizations which elevate our service offering and client experience.

As a Fee-Only firm, we do not accept commissions. Our only compensation is derived from Advisory Fees from our clients. 

As a fiduciary, the requirement to put our clients’ interest first feels like an extension of our approach to financial planning and how we do business.  

Cordis is Latin for of the heart, which is defined as the central or most important part. At Cordis Financial, we guide you in aligning your most important values - those of your heart - with your financial decisions.